This study is a follow up study for subjects with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in stable remission designed to evaluate flexible dosing of CP-690,550.



Eligible Ages
Over 18 Years
Eligible Genders
Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion Criteria

  • Currently enrolled in Study A3921139 receiving CP-690,550 10 mg BID for at least 2 years consecutively.
  • In stable remission on CP-690,550 10 mg BID
  • Agree to use highly effective contraception
  • Negative pregnancy test
  • Comply with visits, treatments, lab tests, diary and other study procedures
  • Signed and dated informed consent document.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Subjects who were initially assigned to tofacitinib 10 mg BID at baseline of Study A3921139 whose tofacitinib dose was reduced to 5 mg BID due to safety or efficacy.
  • Presence of indeterminate colitis, microscopic colitis, ischemic colitis, infectious colitis or findings suggestive of Crohn's disease
  • Likely to require surgery for ulcerative colitis during study
  • Expected to receive any prohibited medication
  • Expected to receive live or attenuated virus vaccination during study
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant during the study
  • Evidence of colonic malignancy or any dysplasia
  • Acute or chronic medical or psychiatric condition that may increase risk of participation
  • Investigator site staff member
  • Subjects likely to be uncooperative or unable to comply with study procedures
  • Participation in other studies involving investigational drugs during study
  • Subjects with any of the following risk factors for pulmonary embolism at baseline as defined by EMA's PRAC:
  • has heart failure;
  • has inherited coagulation disorders;
  • has had venous thromboembolism, either deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism;
  • is taking combined hormonal contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy;
  • has malignancy (association is strongest with cancers other than non-melanoma skin cancers);
  • is undergoing major surgery

Study Design

Phase 4
Study Type
Intervention Model
Parallel Assignment
Primary Purpose
Quadruple (Participant, Care Provider, Investigator, Outcomes Assessor)

Arm Groups

ArmDescriptionAssigned Intervention
CP-690,550 5 mg
CP-690,550 5 mg tablet by mouth twice a day (BID)
  • Drug: CP-690,500 5 mg
    CP-690,550 5 mg tablet BID
CP-690,550 10 mg
CP-690,550 10 mg BID
  • Drug: CP-690,550 10 mg
    CP-690,550 10 mg tablet BID

More Details

Active, not recruiting

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